What… another anniversary already?

a 1

Okay, obviously my wife does not look like that. She just has no interest in being in, on or near my blog. But she really is taller than me.

a 2

So, me and the kids got her some stuff… you know… like you do.

a 3

And I made reservations at a fancy eatin’ place.

a 4

And that place was down by the water near downtown San Diego.

a 5

I made the reservation, after checking exactly when the sun set, for one hour after sunset.

a 6

So we could walk around and enjoy the sunset.

a 7

Did you spot the seagull?

a 9

Then, we did some fancy eatin’…

a 10

In that there fancy eatin’ place.

a 11

And it was pretty darn good.

a 12

And then we walked around some more, to do some fancy digestin’.

a 13

Now, I know it isn’t as exciting as our 25th anniversary, where we went to Maui and did all kinds of crazy stuff. But we are busy people, and we did what we could. Besides, I shared that anniversary with you too, as you might recall. If not, scroll down and look at the pictures. We will wait for you.


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5 Responses to What… another anniversary already?

  1. Beautiful pics! Loved the post 🙂

  2. The Happy Book Blog. says:

    Love the first pic, lol. 😂

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