The Oregon adventure continues… part 9… My daughters, and those guys that are always hanging around them…

Jessica and Mollie. Jess has decided that, since she now lives in Oregon, she should learn to forage for wild berries. What could go wrong? I helped. I am still alive.

Mollie, and what’s-his-name on the right. Oh, and half of that other guy on the other side.

Okay, fine, her boyfriend’s name is Ben.

And they said Jessica can’t climb a tree!

They do let me hang around with them now and then. But there are a lot of rules.

But mostly, they are lost in their own little love bubbles.

I am just kidding. I love my son-in-law, Jason, and that Ben guy… my boyfriend-in-law?

My daughters are like me when it comes to animals.

That is how we ended up at a place where you can meet cats to adopt, on our very first day in Portland, out of all the stuff we could have done.


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