The adventure… part 7; Well, I am sort of doing this in chronological order… almost…

Wait… that one is out of order… but cute. So, I am on day 5 of the adventure, and now we are going back to day 2, the day after the zoo part, but also some from day 3. Got it?

I am just not an ‘in order’ kind of a guy.

Anyway, day one, zoo adventure. Day two, visiting my cousins on my way north from San Diego, and spending some quality time with small children.

I haven’t seen this little one since she was a baby.

Stupid pandemic.

But we had an awesome day together.

A random flower picture from as we wandered around.

I left their house near Los Angeles very early, heading to the coast, and on the way, I met this little lady. So this is day 3 now.

I know, she looks like a normal-sized horse.

But she is a tiny miniature horse. And she came right over when she saw me, because, you know, dogs babies and horses love me.

I ended up in Solvang, an adorable little Danish town.

I had an awesome breakfast.

I saw the mission. We know Solvang well. My wife has an aunt who lives there, and we have visited a few times.

But my favorite part was making a new friend.

Oh yeah. And I was on my way to Morro Bay, which is where I saw the otters and a bunch of other stuff… which we will get to soon. But right now, on day 5, I need to get going and head towards the Bay Area. I have been up since 5 AM, and I have already got some great pictures. HA!


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2 Responses to The adventure… part 7; Well, I am sort of doing this in chronological order… almost…

  1. phenomenal facts says:

    Amazing blog 😀😀

    • Thanks so much. But do not assume anything. Right now, it looks like a travel nature blog. If you scroll back, you will realize that it is a freak show run by crack squirrels.

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