The adventure… part 27; The Monterey Peninsula… part 2… cyborg deer and golfing coyotes…

There is this thing at the tip of the Monterey Peninsula called ‘The 17 mile drive’. It cost about ten dollars, and passes beside some of the most exclusive private dwellings, fancy golf courses, wild coastline and beautiful pine forests in California. Rich people can afford to invest in mutant cyborg guard deer. Private security officers… like me… are for poor people.

Rich people are pretty particular about who gets to use their golf courses, but they will let the coyotes play through, early in the morning, before the courses are open.

I got up before the sunrise, you know, like I do on my adventures, to get good pictures for you to look at. I had to use the flash on my camera to some of these photos.

But that made the Spanish Moss even more beautiful.

It was too foggy for sunrise shots, but the other thing I like about getting up early is that you learn more about the animals.

I saw thousands of cormorants going off to find breakfast, and then find a nice rock to spend all day doing their synchronized cleaning rituals, and covering the rock in white guano.

You should really Google cormorants. They used them for fishing in China in a very unusual way.

They were also practicing their formation flying.

Nature is weird.

A lonely tree.

The 17 mile drive curved inland, into a mist-filled forest.

Day 5 of the adventure was off to a good start.

This place had some serious ambience.

I mean, if you like nature.

The secret to getting good photos of creepy yellow-eyed cyborg deer, is to get them with a flash early in the morning in fog.


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4 Responses to The adventure… part 27; The Monterey Peninsula… part 2… cyborg deer and golfing coyotes…

  1. Beautiful, inspiring photos of the wild.

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