The adventure… part 29; The Monterey Peninsula… part 4… Tidepools and the end of the road…

I love that photo, taken on the last day of the Highway One part of the adventure where I explored the coastline of California.

One my way back to Highway One, I stopped once more on the Monterey Peninsula, just to get some shots of the tidepools.

A curled-up anemone. Do they decorate themselves? Is it camouflage? Or do bits of shell and small rock just end up sticking to them?

Somebody should Google that.

Hermit crabs in a small pool.

Baby kelp and… uh… other plants.

I found a spot where the tidepools were surrounded by an almost alien landscape. It wasn’t easy to move around.

And there were so many crabs scuttling about that between the waves you could hear their pointy little feet clickety-clacking on the rocks all around you.

Free range starfish.

And then my foot hit a slimy patch as I stepped over a rock, and I slipped, and ended up jammed between some big rocks. I twisted both ankles, and wrenched my right knee, while getting my legs all torn up by barnacles. But the camera was fine. I saved the camera. And only got a little wet.

So I limped back to the car, popped some Ibuprofen, and headed through town, back towards the highway.

And a couple hours later, I was in the Bay Area.


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2 Responses to The adventure… part 29; The Monterey Peninsula… part 4… Tidepools and the end of the road…

  1. I’m so glad the camera survived!

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