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I see dead people… and San Francisco… and some turkeys…

I know, every time I come back to the Bay Area, I go and visit my friend, John. And yes, I know he died some time ago. Technically, I go and visit his memorial tree, under which most of his … Continue reading

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Olivia has two new brothers… my babysitting rates are going to go up!!!

Yes, my little buddy, Olivia, is now a big sister. We are going to go meet the babies soon. And there is our friend, Joey, who will probably never sleep again. HA!

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These really are the last photos of my daughter’s wedding weekend… at least until I get my hands on the stuff the professional photographer took… but it’s okay, I saved the best for last… pictures with me in them…

2017 was a very good year for Coca-Cola… it has a nice, oaky bouquet, and lots of depth. I don’t know what Mollie, my younger daughter, is doing behind me, but her boyfriend and our friend Joey seem to agree … Continue reading

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Hey, I said I was done posting pictures of the wedding, not the next-day afterglow party…

Olivia!!! My daughter, Mollie, with Olivia!!! Olivia’s dad, Joey, on the left, Mollie and Olivia, and my friend Chris, who drove from the Bay Area to San Diego to go to my daughter Jessica’s wedding. Stacy, Olivia’s mom… and the … Continue reading

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I know, this isn’t as exciting for you as it was for us… but…

But my daughter is now married to an awesome guy. And the whole freekin’ weekend was magical. And my other daughter is madly in love… And so many awesome friends were there… also, I look pretty dang good in a … Continue reading

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My older daughter is now married… but I still have pictures of the party the night before…

I am a little hung over, and my voice is hoarse. The wedding was awesome. But we need to finish up the photos of the big party the night before the wedding. There is my younger daughter, Mollie. Yes, she … Continue reading

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The bridge… now with less words and more me!!!

Selfie time! Gratuitous artsy bridge shot! Stop photobombing my selfies! The city! Seriously… you are getting on my nerves… I’m just trying to find the bridge… (bonus score if you know what band wrote the song those lyrics are in)… … Continue reading

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