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The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 2…

More photos, in random order, of our Christmas in the Bay Area. Two of my daughter’s best friends came and stayed with us at my mom’s house, between Christmas and the New Year. We went out to dinner at a … Continue reading

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These are the very last pictures of our Christmas trip to the Bay Area…

I know, it seems like I have been sharing these sunset pictures forever… but I took a lot of them. You might recall that the rest of my family was back in San Diego, and I was spending some quality … Continue reading

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More California sunsets to look at if you are sick and tired of looking at the cover ideas for my newest novel…

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What do some photos of the San Francisco Bay have to do with my new job?

Well, mostly they are here because I still have some photos I took when I was there at Christmas, but there is a tie-in or two. Firstly, there is the ever present irony of the fact that when you are … Continue reading

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Fun with the sun… (or); Instead of just showing you the rest of those photos of the sunset over the San Francisco Bay that I took when I went with my mom into the hills above Berkeley during Christmas vacation, what if I intersperse them with copies upon which I worked some digital magic… part 2…

Sorry, but that digital filter never gets old. Also, ‘groovy rainbow’ sort of sums up the Bay Area, what with its history of the hippy and counterculture movements. Here is the original photo… Okay, let’s see now… That is a … Continue reading

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More pictures of the sun setting over the San Francisco Bay, that I took when I was up there for Christmas, and without all those annoying, distracting words that I always try to stick between all the photos in my posts… part 1…


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More random photos of this year’s holiday vacation in the Bay Area…

That is me, taking a photo of my older daughter, while she was taking a photo of the Christmas tree with her phone. I also stole a couple of her photos of the Christmas table off Facebook… HA! Mmmmmm… A … Continue reading

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