The adventure… part 30; Let’s wrap this thing up… part 1: Look who I ran into!!!

So, after my mishap in the tidepools on Monterey Peninsula, I decided to forgo more sightseeing on the coast and head straight to the Bay Area. I had a dinner planned at the Circus Pub, an English pub just down the hill from my mom’s house. I was waiting with one friend for another friend to show up, and glanced out the window and saw a third friend and his family walking up to the pub. That is how I ended up having dinner with three guys that I have known for decades.

While I waited for everyone else to get off work, I killed some time down by the bay.

I think there is a bridge over there somewhere.

I go to that park every time I am in the Bay Area, because it is a dog park, and I miss my dogs. So I pet other dogs. I am funny that way.

I told you there was a bridge over there.

I decided to stay with one of my friends, because my 97-year-old mother was still recuperating from a granddaughter visit.

My friend Chris got a new toy.

Yeah, must be nice. I have never even had a new car all to myself.

This thing was straight out of the Halo video games.

I have known Chris since he moved to the street I grew up on when we were just kids.

He makes really good giant pancakes stuffed with fruit and nuts. I also made him and his wife listen to some of my podcast episodes. That was fun.

So was having two dogs spend most of the night in my bed.

Yup. So, that is almost it for this adventure. I have a couple of videos and one more post, about the zoo adventure that started this trip off. See you soon.

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