The adventure… part 25; let’s take a break from the coast and meet some animals… part 2…

So yeah, day 4 of the adventure, heading North along the coast, and I am in Monterey.

Mama herbivores never have to nag their children to eat their vegetables.

It was still too early to check into my hotel, so I stopped a bunch of times to get more photos.

A dance-off?

Nope. More synchronized cleaning.

This whole adventure was sort of an accident. I was going up to see my mom in the Bay Area for the 4th of July, but one of her grandkids had stopped by for a few days, and my mom, being 97, doesn’t like too many people around. She get tired.

No, that isn’t a photo of the sea. There are cormorants on that rock. I was going to just drive the coast for 2 days, sleeping overnight in my car. My wife took pity on me and got me hotel rooms in Moro Bay and on the Monterey peninsula,

More cormorants. So I got to take 3 days to drive the coast, and you get to look at like 500 pictures. Yay!

Hey, there are at least two seagulls in that one.

Well now the cormorants are doing synchronized cleaning. It isn’t just an otter or a goose thing.

A lone cormorant, obviously late for the cleaning ritual.

A lone pelican. I don’t know if they clean themselves together, but they do pretty awesome synchronized flying and diving for fish.

A lone crow, looking for a murder, no doubt. Ha! See what I did there?

So, uh, yeah.

There is no way around it. We have more photos of rocks and waves and the sea coming up. Sorry about that.

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