The adventure… part 26; The Monterey Peninsula… part 1…

Still trying to get that perfect photo of a crashing wave. Also, if you are new here, this is not a travel blog. I am just caught up on a little side trip. We will be getting back to the weird stuff soon enough.

The Monterey area right off Highway One has a lot to do in a small area. People tend to get caught up in the main town area, with the touristy stuff like Cannery Row and the famous aquarium.

But I have done all that stuff and I do not travel like a tourist.

And if you keep going past the town to the end of the peninsula, there is more to see that fit in with my agenda.

The whole of Monterey Bay is a crazy mishmash of wild, rocky coastline and marine habitat.

That is why there is an aquarium and the Monterey Oceanographic Institute.

We are still in the afternoon of the 4th day of the adventure, with me waiting for my hotel room to be ready.

So I explored, and took pictures.

And when my room was ready, I dropped off my stuff and explored some more.

But this will be the last post about day 4.

Don’t get your hopes up. I got up before sunrise to start exploring again.

So we will still be seeing pictures of the sea and rocks and birds and whatever.

Speaking about birds, these pelicans are winding down their day. See, I told you they do synchronized flying. When they fly in a line like that, really low over the waves, and pop up, one after another, to go over a wave, it is awesome to watch.

Sea life means sea birds. Okay, goodbye, day 4!

In the morning, the adventure continues, and we will see lots of weird stuff…

Including scary robot deer?


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2 Responses to The adventure… part 26; The Monterey Peninsula… part 1…

  1. “We will be getting back to the weird stuff soon enough.” Soon? You are weird, Art. But that’s why I consider you my brother!

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