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Now I can smell ground up bones and cow meat with big chucks of gristle and fat whenever I want to, and be reminded that I actually met Eric Idle…

Okay, sadly it doesn’t really smell like Spam. It is sort of vanilla-ish. It should say that on the packaging somewhere. But still… I did get to meat… uh… I mean meet him.

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When Eric Idle thinks you are funny, well, what can I say?

Eric Idle‏Verified account @EricIdle 22h22 hours ago Replying to @ArthurBrowne1 Funny Arthur. —————————————————— I was lucky enough to meet the man. I did post about it, and how my science fiction action/humor book series, and some amusing episodes of Twitter allowed this to … Continue reading

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The best spam of the week…

I like answering the comments in my spam folder. I don’t know why, I just do. This week, I got two spam comments that are suspiciously alike, yet from two different people… or robots… or automated programs… wherever the hell … Continue reading

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Another ‘best spam of the week’ post!!!

You all know how much I like to answer the stuff I get in my spam folder… because, hey, bots are people too! And here is my favorite spam from this week: *Spam; michael bull scu11 hates black people *Me; … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite spams…

Well, we all know how much I appreciate a good, meaty, gristly spam in my comment folder. I just can’t help replying to them. Here are a couple good ones from this week: SPAM; It’s really a great and helpful … Continue reading

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The worst porno movies ever… and yes, I feel bad about this… part 4…

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I really do get the best spam… my top picks for this week… and my answers to them…

Here are a few awesome tidbits cut and pasted from my spam folder from this past week, which, for the sake of fun, I will respond to… ***(WARNING… this post might contain some adult content… not from me… but you know how … Continue reading

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Speaking of spam, remember when I did the bad spam joke and got kicked off wordpress for five days?

So… yeah… I once thought it would be funny to type up a fake spam paragraph full of the prerequisite bad grammar and spelling, and then paste it into hundreds of random blogs… I mean, yeah, I pasted it into a … Continue reading

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The meatiest spam in my spam folder this week…

Once again, my spam folder is so stuffed with meaty, fatty, gristley morsels, that I couldn’t pick just one… Spam: This is my first time visit at here and i am truly impressed to read all at alone place. My … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about spam for a moment, shall we?

I do love my spam folder. I am a computer moron, so I have no idea how spam actually works. I hear the term ‘spam bot’, and I think about little robots that look like cans of spam with metal … Continue reading

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