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Oh yeah, the first copy of my new book is here!!!

The joys of self-publishing. Yes, it is book four of The Otherwhere Chronicles, written by yours truly. I have received the very first copy, in order to proofread it, and look for formatting errors and what not. I couldn’t decide … Continue reading

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Okay, here is what I need your help with…

I need to start a new blog to showcase my books. The thing is that I am a computer moron. I could probably figure out how to start a new WordPress blog, but that isn’t going to cut it. I … Continue reading

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I got my first rejection letter from a literary agent… and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Because that means I am actively involved in sending my stuff to literary agents. The thing is… and this is a thing you should already know about me… but I am all-art-side-of-the-brain… which means that I can come up with … Continue reading

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And now, the world’s first group editing project…

(or): A contest to see who can spot the most problems with my writing so I can figure out which of you is going to get the honor of editing my murder mystery for free… Hey, if we have fun, we … Continue reading

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