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Okay, here is what I need your help with…

I need to start a new blog to showcase my books. The thing is that I am a computer moron. I could probably figure out how to start a new WordPress blog, but that isn’t going to cut it. I … Continue reading

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I got my first rejection letter from a literary agent… and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Because that means I am actively involved in sending my stuff to literary agents. The thing is… and this is a thing you should already know about me… but I am all-art-side-of-the-brain… which means that I can come up with … Continue reading

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The third book…

The third book in my action/humor science fiction series should be available within the next day or two… My daughter and I have finished the back and forth of the process to fix the few little glitches that always seem to show … Continue reading

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It’s not that simple…

Remember my post the other day… the shameless one… no… the other shameless one… yes… the one where I suggested that if you all bought a few of my books… available as links if you click the pictures of the … Continue reading

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I would like to thank my blog buddy who just bought three of my books…

Yeah… you know who you are… Thank you. I just mailed a copy of books one and two of my action/humor science fiction series and a copy of my self-illustrated children’s’ book, all signed, to an undisclosed location somewhere in the United … Continue reading

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I need some feedback…

I think I did it… I have written a rough draft of a query letter to send out to literary agents. I really need an agent in order to get published by a big company. Self-publishing is fine, but too … Continue reading

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Elevator pitches are real bitches…

There are times when you just need a short, concise way of describing something that you created. This is called an elevator pitch. I think the name came about in Hollywood when someone would try to pitch their idea for a … Continue reading

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