Stand out… the final chapter… and some thoughts about blogging on WordPress…

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I tried to start a conversation about what it takes to stand out in a crowded world, and what makes each of us unique. The conversation never really got rolling. I blame that not on you, my friends, but on our semi-benevolent overlords at WordPress. I don’t know if you know this or not, but WordPress is dying.

Okay, that might not be fair. Maybe it is now so big that nobody can keep up, or actually read any posts. All I know is that the stats are falling every year. Am I less interesting? I doubt it. I do know that a lot of very interesting people have left. Because what do we get for the work we do here? Yes, I am a stat monkey. Yes, I like the numbers. But I like real conversation a lot more.

I have that post over there at the very top of my sidebar. It has 44,662 comments on it. It is the most commented-upon single blog post in history done by a nonfamous individual. We invented the chat room blog post. We used to have parties in there on weekends. We were going to turn it into a book. Now, all the people who used to hang out in there are gone. I can barely get new people to leave a single comment there. I used to not be able to keep up with replying to them all.

What is happening here? Are we on a sinking ship, the last rats waiting to flee to the lifeboats until it is too late? Are we just scrolling through endless walls of blog posts and hitting the like button? Does anybody actually come here and see my blog front page? I would love your thoughts on this.

As for the original idea behind this series of posts, I will just say this.

I am lucky in that I was born interesting. Not in all good ways, mind you. But I am all-art-side-or-the-brain, and have crack squirrels living in my head. And I go out of my way to be interesting, and have an interesting life. I have stories to tell. I work hard to be unique. I go out and find experiences. I take glass blowing classes and learned to blacksmith. I travel. I do weird things. I put effort into being myself.

I hoped to have a conversation about this, but maybe conversation isn’t what blogs are for anymore. Am I wrong? Am I right? Are you reading these words?

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8 Responses to Stand out… the final chapter… and some thoughts about blogging on WordPress…

  1. I believe the social media topiary has sprouted too many plants for which the average person can even acknowledge. No, I wasn’t aware Word Press was dying. But I feel that all of these tools – blogging, Instagram, etc. – are experiencing their first cultural changes. The print medium has undergone a number of alterations throughout its many centuries of existence. Cinema, radio and television have already seen a fair number of changes. We’ll all just have to adapt and change along with it. After all, we don’t view life in black-and-white, so color television is now just a TV set. And who would’ve guessed just 30 years ago that a cell phone would be more than just a means to make emergency calls?

  2. kunstkitchen says:

    Reading and agree that blogs are not for conversation anymore. Who has time?

    • I guess not many of us?

      • Dan says:

        I hardly ever read blogs anymore and I can’t say why, old friend. I haven’t written on mine in over a year and at one time I was doing weekly posts of typically 2000+ words and replying to sll comments. I loved writing. Still do but don’t schedule the time which I have plenty of.

        I guess it was propitious kismet that brought me hear at this time. It’s been 4 years or more sine I last visited.

        I still talk but in less venues. It seems like someone is always getting their intolerant toes stepped on anymore and getting petulant over it insteam of working things out.

        Perhaps you have a Twitter boycott against you that you are unaware of by PETA for unfairly impying squirrels are typically drug addled and intent on abusing people. It’s likely those minority red squirrels that instigated things and drug the unwitting grey squirrels into it to build political clout and create consensus whIle enflaming the grey base, #ustoo.

        Perhaps a special counsel can sort it all out for us within the decade. Lawyers gotta eat too and pay for their kids to go to law school.

        Other that that, how’s it going, Arthur?

        • It is going okay… other than wondering if I should spend more time working on my books than my blog.

          • Dan says:

            Which do you really want to do? Is it possible you are a blog grasshopper instead of a book ant? Writing a book is a pretty solitary thing. Though the solitude my prove satisfying as the book progresses you may long for social interchange after a time. Perhaps you can limit work on the blog to 2 or 3 hrs a day and focus the bulk of the time on your writing. I suspect the book may hit a mental fatigue point in about the same time limit most days. I do know how writing can be when the flow is good though. At times I would be 6hrs researching and writing in a day on a blog post and that might be day 1 of 4 or more.

            Try scheduling the time for the book on a structured and very regular time frame. At some point, you will choose. One will automatically assume priority over the other because one will bring you more satisfaction, fulfillment and peace than the other. If you are lucky, your purpose and desire will coincide and you will not have to choose one over the other.

            How is your little buddy, Willy? Not so little now, huh. He was such a cute kid.

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