Okay, here is what I need your help with…

I need to start a new blog to showcase my books. The thing is that I am a computer moron. I could probably figure out how to start a new WordPress blog, but that isn’t going to cut it. I need a self-hosted blog… maybe… whatever the hell that is.

To go back to the beginning, my older daughter… yes, the one that is getting married in two months… helped me start this blog for two reasons. Firstly, so that I would stop bugging my family with every crazy, crack squirrel-induced idea that popped into my head, but there was another reason, an important reason.

My wife gave me a book called; Getting Published, The Complete Idiot’s Guide. Because I want to get my books and stories and poems out there. One suggestion in the book is that a successful blog is actually a selling point to publishers, because it means you can write words that get the attention of at least a few people. I think I did okay with that.

Here’s the thing… (ooooh, two things in one post… bonus score!) There is too much stuff on this blog that is weird, and not enough focus on my writing. I mean, I love my blog. But this isn’t the place to direct publishers and agents, and I am starting to send my stuff out to them. I need a blog… with a clever name… where I can focus solely on my writing, and professional people can go to it and see that I am serious.

So, if you know anything about blogs and blogging, or computers, or self-hosted blogs, or if there is some other type of website that would be good for this, please tell me. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that WordPress is slowly dying. My stats have gone down the last two years in a row. Not the day to day numbers, but overall. I think WordPress never removes followers that have long since vanished from the face of the blog world, so maybe we wouldn’t notice the slow demise.

Not only am I sending my books to literary agents, but I also plan to start sending my short stories and poems to magazines and websites and contests and publishers. I am trying to attack this from both ends. Any advice on any of this would be most welcome.

Remember, every time you help a writer get published, it is a victory for all of us who think words matter… and also, an angel gets to dip their wingtips into heavenly ink, to give them  awesome eagle wings!!!

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71 Responses to Okay, here is what I need your help with…

  1. List of X says:

    I think the moving would only make sense if you get to keep all the readers. If you have to make people actively click on something to re-follow, your new blog will start off with only dozens or maybe couple of hundred readers, no more, and if there is one thing spam followers are good for, it’s making a blog look more popular than it is.
    What if you just stay with this one and spin off the crazy to a new blog instead?

  2. Al says:

    Looks like you got the good stuff there. Personally, if I was to go self-hosted, I would go by way of wordpress.org. You still have the support from here, and it is apparently really easy to use. There are other companies that will charge something like $2.99 a year for a self-hosted site, but they offer you just that – the site. You have to pay for space, pages over 5, a huge fee for registering the domain and then exorbitant fees for each email address associated with that site. Plus you have to pay for help and support. When I was building websites about 8 years ago, I went with one of those and it was the biggest regret I made.

  3. I moved my blog from here to WordPress.com and could transfer everything from here to there and have a selfhosted professional website. Take a look x much love barbara x

  4. Lucy Brazier says:

    I think you are right to build a website / blog that is focused on your writing and is presented in a way that the boring professionals will be able to relate to. I love, love, LOVE your blog and wouldn’t change a thing – but you are right, it absolutely isn’t the place to send publishers, agents et al. I know nothing about self-hosted websites or any technical nonsense, so I suppose the best I can offer is some cheerleading action. GO, ART! GO ART! (Have you asked Babbage? He is good with technology)

  5. Simon says:

    Hi ya, what sort of book or stories are these? I can set up blogs and social media accounts and that’s about it…

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