Please help us break the record for ‘most commented on post’, on a post that has 44,498 comments already…

Just click on the blue letters—> over there, on the right—> at the top of the side bar. The words that say:

Click here to get to the post where we are trying to break the record for most comments on one post… and become a part of history…


Or maybe I just added a link to this post… but who knows? I am a computer moron. Now, let me tell you the story of how the comment post began.

It all started long ago as a whim. I noticed that I had a couple of posts that had over a thousand comments on them. I started wondering what the record was. Some of my minions tried to look it up, but strangely, this is the one stat that the wordpress overlords claim not to keep track of.

We found one blog post that had like 20,000 plus comments… it was written by a girl, and her point of view was that any woman who has children is throwing their lives away. Most of the comments were negative.

By this time, we had renamed the post where we had been discussing this idea with the clever title you see above, and we had nearly matched her score. We started hanging out in that post’s comment section. It grew and expanded, not just in the number of comments, but in other ways as well. We invented the world’s very first chat room blog post comment section. People went in there to vent, or do funny stand up comedy monologues. We began to have reunion parties now and then, that lasted all weekend and encouraged drunkenness.

I recruited a loyal crew of minions who would welcome new people, and respond to comments when I wasn’t around… but the thing is… (hello thing, where have you been hiding?)… that I would also answer those comments when I got back. I think I answered almost every one of the comments on that post, which means that, technically, half the comments are mine.

We are actually on the list with the Guinness Book Of World Records people, and as soon as they start a category for ‘most commented on non-celebrity, non-corporate blog post’, we are at the top of that list.

There is even talk of turning the whole thing into a book someday… although editing it will be a nightmare.

Long story short, go click on the link and add a comment. Or a few comments. Or respond to some old comments. Make some new friends. Or just read some of the silliness. We had contests and games, we team-wrote poems and stories. We even tried to see who could seduce themselves in the sexiest way, but that was during one of our weekend-long parties, and my recollections are fuzzy… I might have won that.

It is mindbogglingly awesome.

At the very least, you will become a small part of history.

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