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Because male pattern baldness is just plain sexist!!!


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Manly men???

Why the hell is it that every time there is a TV show that uses the word ‘manly’, it is always a show about something stupid? It shows guys eating way to much, or doing something idiotic and dangerous, or being sexist … Continue reading

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Beards… part 1…

I don’t really know what to make of beards. I am a mustache guy. I have had one since I was about 13… mostly because, when I don’t, my mouth looks like it is smiling all the time. And not my … Continue reading

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Please come and visit me and two other really funny guys on a guest post…

We are strutting our stuff over at; the Sister Wives… http://sisterwivesspeak.com/ an awesome blog where women go to discuss serious issues such as abuse and emotional health… and support each other as only women can. But a few brave and … Continue reading

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This is going to be another of those posts where we all learn important things about each other, and how the opposite sexes relate to one another, and open up a dialog between men and women that will lead to understanding how we relate to those around us in fundamental ways… providing you take the time to read it and then type brilliant questions and answers… because, hey, I can’t do everything around here…

Or; How can a man tell a woman she is beautiful without upsetting the delicate balance between political correctness and proper etiquette and being sort of creepy…??? Okay, guys, pay attention and you might learn some stuff… but let me start … Continue reading

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Ladies, do you really have to be right ALL the time?

Isn’t it enough that you are better looking than men… and smarter, and deeper, more caring and loving, more full of wit and wisdom, passion and pride, tenderness and hope, more committed, more responsible, more reasonable, better dressers, better dancers, … Continue reading

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Designing women… (or): Hey, my eyes are down here…

I swear I don’t mean this in a sexist way… unless me considering men to be sexist pigs is, in itself, sexist against my own sex…  but if nature had really wanted men to give women their undivided attention when women … Continue reading

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