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Right now, in America, there are white men celebrating the death of Jews. They support this guy…

  Do the math. Do the vote. Advertisements

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Dear climate change deniers, here is why seeing snow in the winter doesn’t mean global warming is a hoax… a very simple explanation…

Okay, try to follow along with this. Putting pollution in our air is like putting fast food in your body. One cheeseburger with bacon will not kill you. Neither will one deep-fried Twinkie. But, if you eat enough bad food … Continue reading

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M.A.S.C. (Men Against Sex Crimes)! Join now!!!

I am starting a new organization. Men, it is time we take a stand. We are part of this too. Stand up for the women in your life, Your mothers and sisters and daughters… your friends. We can make the … Continue reading

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We can build a wall… around this idiot… by voting the republicans out of power in the House and Senate!!!

Imagine tRump, sitting in the Oval Office, with no boot-licking lackeys in the House and Senate to back up his stupid ideas. He would just fume and rant and rave, powerless, waiting for his time to run down. This is … Continue reading

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Hey, I bet nobody else you know got up at four this morning and drove for miles just to walk out onto the Golden Gate Bridge to get you some photos… part 2… in which I pay tribute to our military, and discuss some of the military history of the Bay Area…

This will be the only part of my series about my most recent adventure in San Francisco that is not, more or less, in chronological order- probably- and I guess, most of it almost is. After I finished walking out … Continue reading

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A photograph of a naked lady…

Hey, don’t judge me, that is what those flowers are called. I am opposed to this. Here is why: I guarantee that at some point, it has either happened, or will at some time happen, that a male driver of … Continue reading

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Reflecting upon stupidity… putting a mirror to tRump… part 4…

Do you think tRump spends much time looking inside himself? You would think that ‘soul searching’ is something that the supposedly religious republicans would spend a lot of time doing. But they spend all their time looking outwards. This makes … Continue reading

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