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Famous men… as famous women… part 12… Elvis as Lady Gaga… #2…

I sent Lady Gaga both these images. Yes, I am still stalking celebrities on Twitter, so that I can impress my daughters when they tweet me back. And I did get to meet Eric Idle that way. Who knows…

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When Eric Idle thinks you are funny, well, what can I say?

Eric Idle‏Verified account @EricIdle 22h22 hours ago Replying to @ArthurBrowne1 Funny Arthur. —————————————————— I was lucky enough to meet the man. I did post about it, and how my science fiction action/humor book series, and some amusing episodes of Twitter allowed this to … Continue reading

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Oh, and William Shatner responded to another of my tweets, so today is pretty awesome… yeah, it was about having sex with a hot lasagna, but I didn’t start it… so… yeah… at least my stalking celebrities on Twitter is paying off.

William Shatner ‏@WilliamShatner 26m26 minutes ago William Shatner Retweeted Arthur Browne Especially British lasagne! Ever try it? William Shatner added. Arthur Browne@ArthurBrowne1 @WilliamShatner Never get busy with hot lasagna… especially if it is spicy. Stick with the tortellini. ********** Mine … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, I got a tweet from John Cleese… just one word: Sucker!

Okay, you need to hear the context. I was responding to him randomly in the middle of a long tweet conversation he was having with his fans about who was nicer, him or Eric Idle. I told him that, while I was sure he … Continue reading

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The best tweet I ever got…

Eric Idle ‏@EricIdle 23m23 minutes ago @ArthurBrowne1 @JohnCleese Do you think Size matters? I like the discerning, the non ranters, the readers, and people who are funny like U. ********** That is the actual tweet… copied and pasted… from Mr. … Continue reading

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Uh… here are some Christmas tweets I have done… and some random ones… and this isn’t ‘family friendly’… just so you know…

You ought to know that I have the strange habit of posting all my clever Tweets on my blog… you know, in case you don’t follow me on Twitter? For the new people here, a little warning. On my blog, I … Continue reading

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I was trying to figure out why I got a few hundred ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ on Twitter this morning…

Well, the reason is simple. If you get on Twitter, and go to Eric Idle’s page… just type in; @EricIdle  …you will see that he has about a dozen of my funny Photoshop pictures there… and people seem to like them.

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Should I feel cheated???

So, I did this picture in Photoshop… And I tweeted it to the Monty Python guys… you know… Like I do… and Mr. Eric Idle replied… (because he is still following me on Twitter)… with this tweet; Eric Idle ‏@EricIdle … Continue reading

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Donald Trump has never called me a loser… and that makes me feel like a real loser!

Oh… wait… I don’t really have anything to add to that… I suppose this would have made a better tweet than a post.

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Holy crap… Eric Idle retweeted my book link… you gotta love that guy!

Eric Idle Retweeted you Sep 14: @EricIdle http://www.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/the-otherwhere-chronicles-book-three-walking-around/3d96d3db-3658-4d9b-b9a9-738ba08a908c … That is the link my daughter sent me. I can’t thank you enough. Okay, for those of you who don’t remember the whole story, here it is; My new book… (Walking Around, … Continue reading

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