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Reflecting upon mortality… part 7…

I know I said in an earlier post that you should shoot death in the face when he comes for you. I don’t actually own a gun. When are we going to have a serious gun debate? The gun owners … Continue reading

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Other useless things Trump could have thrown at the people of Puerto Rico… part 4…

Fully-automatic assault rifles. You know, for hunting rats for food, and protecting your last few drops of clean water.

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Comic Con… the very last post… before I start bragging about all the famous people I saw…

Let’s do this… before my blog breaks again… that up there still cracks me up. Barbarians always have a hard time getting past security… just ask Conan the Barbarian. This is blatant discrimination! Yay! They made it in! Don’t let … Continue reading

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Why is it that republicans seem so obsessed with keeping everything they have and not letting anyone else have more of anything?

Maybe I am overthinking this, but I was just sort of mulling over what it is that divides our country so much these days, and that led me to start pondering what it was that each side tends to vote … Continue reading

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Let’s meet Trump’s campaign staff… part 7…

Trump has a very large contingent on his campaign staff dedicated to the issue of gun safety… by which, of course, I mean keeping guns safe… in the hands of of Trump supporters… away from the prying fingers of the … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about gun control lately…

But I don’t actually own a gun… and I have never, so far as I can recall… shot anybody…

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Okay… now I am ready to rant about Orlando… *(bad words may appear in this post)*

Yesterday, I published a post called: Rest in pieces… It contained no words, just this image… It is two AR-15’s, the kind of gun used in Orlando, in the form of a cross. The title was a pun, of sorts, … Continue reading

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