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How Texas and their Republican leadership actually made the hurricane worse…

Yes, we all feel bad for the victims of the flooding in Texas. And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but they sort of make it worse for themselves. Texas has a long history of supporting the … Continue reading

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What did you do at work today, daddy? (or): What do republican politicians tell their kids?

Seriously… I want to know. How do republicans go home at night and talk to their children? Do they just came out and say: “Well, I made it legal for people to shoot baby bears and dump toxic coal mine … Continue reading

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Maybe republicans and democrats should work together… against tRump…

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Republicans did what now???

The republicans have certainly been busy doing stuff… I mean, not good stuff, but stuff, nonetheless. So far, since tRump took office, they have managed to make it easier for corporations to pollute the world without any oversight, and make … Continue reading

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Against all enemies, both foreign and domestic…

I am going to make one more attempt to tell you how close we are to becoming a totalitarian state with a dictator as our leader. Because I don’t think most people really see the threat looming over us. But … Continue reading

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8 years of letting nothing get done, and what’s the first thing Republicans do?

Get rid of ethical oversight. You shameless asswipes.

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Why is it that republicans seem so obsessed with keeping everything they have and not letting anyone else have more of anything?

Maybe I am overthinking this, but I was just sort of mulling over what it is that divides our country so much these days, and that led me to start pondering what it was that each side tends to vote … Continue reading

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