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Just got the best late Father’s Day present in history… (or); Call me Horatio!!!

Yes, it an an actual oil painting of me as Horatio Nelson, hero of the battle of Trafalgar. And I get to hang it in the living room… for one week… and one week at my birthday… and Father’s Day… … Continue reading

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The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 7… let’s talk about presents!

The first two pictures are of a gift I made for my wife. It is a custom-printed pillow case. On the one side, I took a photo of our daughters, taken at the wedding of my older daughter Jessica, on … Continue reading

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Why my older daughter is justifiably famous for giving the best presents…

Yeah, that’s right. I am now a pinata! My daughter, Jessica, sent this to me from New York for Father’s Day. She did it all by hand. The tie dye shirt, the tattoo, the graying mustache. She even printed a … Continue reading

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A Christmas gift for my wife…

I used my last real Mexican Fan Palm log, not to make a tiki, but to make a present for my wife. It looks small, but it is about three-and-a-half-feet-tall. It has our initials carved into it with a plus … Continue reading

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Christmas monkey!!!

Hey, don’t judge us… we have weird Christmas traditions. Okay, technically, giving cheap rubber masks as gifts isn’t really a tradition… yet… It might be, starting next year. My 94-year-old mother. She makes a good koala. Ummm…. We do have … Continue reading

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Getting in the mood for Christmas… Old, recycled posts of the holiday season… part 11…

A Christmas story from long ago… featuring Conan the barbarian… We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a short story about my old friend, Conan the barbarian. When my daughter Jessica was about 5 or 6, she had … Continue reading

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Pouring my art out, the gift that keeps on giving…

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There is only one gift good enough for you… and that’s me!!!

Merry Christmas… or happy whatever you do or don’t believe in day!!!

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Why I want Conan the barbarian to come to my house for Christmas… a recycled post from the past…

You all know I love that big, crazy barbarian. But you may be asking yourself why I would think it would be fun to have him around during the holiday season. Well let me break it down for you. In the … Continue reading

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A fire-eating tiki monster, and a daughter who can cook… mmm… Father’s Day…

Oh yeah, look what I got for Father’s Day! Also, Mollie, our younger daughter made me a waffle iron-inspired meal… toasted cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread… cooked on the waffle iron… which was preceded by tater tot potato waffles with … Continue reading

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