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Pouring My Art Out presents: In the presence of presents… part 1…

I am ready to begin unveiling the epic saga of my Christmas presents received at that late-Christmas visit to the Bay Area. Those are a set of wood-carving chisels and a special carving hammer I got from my younger daughter … Continue reading

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The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 7… let’s talk about presents!

The first two pictures are of a gift I made for my wife. It is a custom-printed pillow case. On the one side, I took a photo of our daughters, taken at the wedding of my older daughter Jessica, on … Continue reading

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Why my older daughter is justifiably famous for giving the best presents…

Yeah, that’s right. I am now a pinata! My daughter, Jessica, sent this to me from New York for Father’s Day. She did it all by hand. The tie dye shirt, the tattoo, the graying mustache. She even printed a … Continue reading

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A Christmas gift for my wife…

I used my last real Mexican Fan Palm log, not to make a tiki, but to make a present for my wife. It looks small, but it is about three-and-a-half-feet-tall. It has our initials carved into it with a plus … Continue reading

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Why yes, that is a little pillow with my head on it… oh, yeah! (Or): What I got for Christmas!!!

My older daughter, Jessica, made it for me. It took a long time. Also, because she had to use some computer magic to order the thread to do the hand-stitching, she now knows, scientifically, exactly how grey my hair is… … Continue reading

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Let the Christmas magic commence!!!

Uh… wow… There is my mom, still spry at well over ninety… trying to wake up… and yes, we put hard-boiled eggs in our stockings… don’t judge us. Now she looks more Christmassy. There’s Jason, my older daughter’s fiance… yes, … Continue reading

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There is only one gift good enough for you… and that’s me!!!

Merry Christmas… or happy whatever you do or don’t believe in day!!!

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Christmas reversed…

How about if one year, we try being NICE to each other and visit each other and buy presents for each other, and wear festive colors, and sing silly songs, and decorate things and hang colored lights for 11 months, … Continue reading

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