The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 7… let’s talk about presents!

a 1

The first two pictures are of a gift I made for my wife. It is a custom-printed pillow case. On the one side, I took a photo of our daughters, taken at the wedding of my older daughter Jessica, on the left. Mollie is on the right. I added a floral border thing. Now, my wife can sleep surround by the love of our beautiful girls, or just see them when she walks into the bedroom. On the back, well, that is where my artistic genius comes in, because…

a 2

… it is a big old picture of me. Now, if she needs to fluff up here pillow, she turns it over, and pounds the living crap out of me.

a 3

For Mollie, I had a custom tote bag made. On one side is a picture of Mollie and my mom on the London Eye. I added the flag background. My mom, who is now 96, takes all her grandchildren to Europe when they turn 16. My wife and I were lucky to be able to accompany them on this trip. I posted all about it a couple years ago.

a 4

On the reverse side of the tote bag is Mollie in Paris, inside St. Chapelle. I added a French flag. I also used the Photoshop smudge tool to turn the other gawking tourists into swirly works of art. I love that picture. That is a look of pure wonder.

a 5

For my mom, I made a tote bag that was the same as Mollie’s on one side.

a 6

The back is… uh… okay, that is a picture of my mom showing Mollie and my wife the sights of London. She is passing on her love of travel and history to two new generations. The thing is… (hey, thing, where you been?)… my wife does not want to be in the blog, ever, so I had to cover her up. And speaking of covering stuff up, you may notice some flowers and birds in the image. The original photo had a man’s jean-covered butt on the right side, so I covered it with flowers in Photoshop. I covered some person’s arm on the other side in the same way. The birds are covering smudges on the window.

a 7

Okay, this is hard to explain. So, I took a couple of photos and printed them out. On the left is a silhouette of my older daughter, son-in-law, and wife, on the roof of the building in New York where the kids live, looking across the East River at the lights of Manhattan, from our New York trip that I just finished posting about yesterday. The other is a photo was taken on Maui, as my wife and I renewed our vows on our second honeymoon. I posted all about that trip as well. Go down there in the basement and do some digging! I smudged my wife out for the post, not in the actual picture.

a 8

It is hard to tell with the lights of my mom’s living room reflecting off the glass, but I built little boxes, and inside, I put Christmas light ornaments. Let me see if I can get a better shot.

a 9

Still hard to tell, but for that one, I covered the back of the photo with aluminum foil, then poked a needle through all the individual lights. When you turn it on, the lights really light up.

a 10

For that picture, I used colored lights, and it makes the sky glow in all kinds of colors. I know, I am a romantic fool, but what can I say, I love my little blue blob!

a 11

And what did I get? Some awesome stuff.

a 12

Is that…???

a 13

Why yes, yes it is. I can now take pictures from above myself!

a 14

Also, I am totally going to start a podcast. As soon as I figure out how… and get over this nasty cold.


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