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A love bench and a double rainbow…

So I am cleaning some photos off my cell phone. My wife just had a birthday, and I made her a little love bench. But it is also a photo stand, because I carved a slot in the seat of … Continue reading

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Micro photography, the next step after macro photography… part 1…

I have been playing with my new digital microscope that takes pictures. That is a hard candy. Another candy. More candy. Maybe, in the future, I will take some regular photos of the objects I am taking micro photos of, … Continue reading

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A Christmas gift for my wife…

I used my last real Mexican Fan Palm log, not to make a tiki, but to make a present for my wife. It looks small, but it is about three-and-a-half-feet-tall. It has our initials carved into it with a plus … Continue reading

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Me and Mollie’s marvelous magical macro madness… the final chapter…

That is a macro photograph of my daughter’s eye that I took. As we proved in an earlier post, she has my eyes. Ironically, that means she also has an eye for art. She has Art’s eyes. Seems like there … Continue reading

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My marvelous magical macro madness…

Just a few shots I took while my daughter Mollie and I were playing with the macro zoom lens. A simple leaf. It turns out that moss is really just a bunch of small plants growing really close together. Lichen … Continue reading

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The new tiki is coming along fine…

Slow but steady. But it has gone from that, to this…

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Still more dogs and logs on blogs… now with more dogs!

We have three dogs at our house now. Two of them live there, one is just visiting. And, in my continuing effort to make tikis that are completely nontraditional, I am making one with facial features that have all straight … Continue reading

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More dogs and logs on blogs…

Our dogs… although there is another one staying with us for the next few weeks. I will fill you in on that as the other project progresses… the new tiki-to-be… I am preparing the log. So far, all I have … Continue reading

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A dog and a log on my blog… oh, and a new sailor too!!!

The dog in question was this little guy, found wandering alone, without a collar, in that exclusive private community where I am now a security guard. No tags at all. Don’t worry, we found the owner, but I got to … Continue reading

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A closer look… part 10…

Kaleidoscope it… Or kaleidoscope animate it… Make it neon… Or animate it with crazy colors… Swirl it… Water color it… Turn it into smoke… Or turn it into fire… It’s still just a close up photo of a knothole in … Continue reading

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