A Christmas gift for my wife…

a 1

I used my last real Mexican Fan Palm log, not to make a tiki, but to make a present for my wife. It looks small, but it is about three-and-a-half-feet-tall. It has our initials carved into it with a plus sign between them, and the initials of both our daughters. Also, my older daughter’s husband’s initials, which happen to be the same as his wife’s.

a 2

A piece of romance is born of a yule log.

a 3

I did the whole thing in three days.

a 4

I love that moment when you begin to add colors to art.

a 5

That is when it really begins to come alive.

a 6

And there it is, before three coats of varnish.

a 7

Good gift wrapping is essential at Christmas… but I can’t do that, so I settle for creative.

a 8

Yes, I know it isn’t Christmas yet, but we did an early San Diego Christmas with some of my wife’s family and some friends. Because of course we are going to the Bay Area to do the big Christmas, and I will share photos of that as it happens. So, see you soon.

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4 Responses to A Christmas gift for my wife…

  1. Nice work, Art! I know your wife loves your wood…work! I mean, your pole! I mean…oh hell! Seriously, great job and quite a unique gift! 🙂

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