Christmas monkey!!!

a 1

Hey, don’t judge us… we have weird Christmas traditions.

a 2

Okay, technically, giving cheap rubber masks as gifts isn’t really a tradition… yet…

a 3

It might be, starting next year.

a 4

My 94-year-old mother. She makes a good koala.

a 5


a 6

We do have a tradition of giving matching… and often silly… pajamas. This year, the ladies got some fairly tasteful night wear.

a 7

That is sort of scary, but my younger daughter, Mollie, loved it.

a 8

My wife doesn’t want to be in my blog… but that is such a good picture of her…

a 9

One last picture of the tree before everyone swarmed in, and that pile of gifts was turned into a hurricane of ripped wrapping paper and smiles.

a 10

I still like my mask the best.

a 11

I end this post with some sunset photos taken as we all ate Christmas dinner. I don’t have photos of the dinner. That is because we do the same dinner again tonight, the day after Christmas.

a 12

We had 18 people at dinner last night… Christmas day… and we had the whole English dinner, the roast beef, the Yorkshire pudding, the plum pudding, the cracker… or poppers… which are not food, but those little tubes with the gifts and the paper crowns and the small explosive charge that the English love. My mom invited guests to round out the guest list last night. Today, another of my brothers and his family show up, as well as some cousins you might remember from other posts. Then, we do it all again.

a 13

Lovely red ornament…

a 14

Wait… that is the sunset again.

a 15

I can’t believe it, but, as I sit here, on the morning of the day after Christmas, I am actually all caught up with my photo posts. See you soon!



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