Christmas dinner… number two…


I am not making this stuff up. Every year, at my mom’s house in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have two Christmas dinners… exactly the same. That guy in the corner, stretching his neck, is my brother, Henry. He, and his wife and three kids show up the day after Christmas, because of stuff with his wife’s family. You might remember him, we used to be in a band together.

Wait, let me backtrack, because this all took place yesterday. After our trip to the science museum with our godson and his mom, they stopped by my mom’s house…


We had to give Willie our presents.


The superhero walkie talkies were a big hit.


And Willie totally took down my younger daughter’s boyfriend.


There was more of our awesome Christmas bread, just like the day before…


There was another huge roast beef… just like on Christmas day… with lots of baby potatoes.


I know, it isn’t as bloody rare as it is supposed to be, but the one the day before was…


Bear in mind that by the second Christmas dinner, there are usually 12 to 16 people at my mom’s house… and I mean sleeping here, not just to eat the dinner.


And we have Yorkshire pudding… maybe not the big ones in a single pan you were thinking of if you are English… we do small, individual ones.


And the whole table is rest, complete with the crackers… with little explosions and bad toys and jokes and paper crowns.


Yup… we do all of this… twice… two whole days of cooking… because those of us that show up before Christmas want a Christmas, and the people who show up late do too. We even open presents on two separate days.


And that is why I have these pictures of half a plum pudding being lit on fire for the second time. Nobody really eats that much plum pudding… it is just an excuse to eat hard sauce… which is just powdered sugar, butter and hard liquor.


There, we made it through yesterday… now, we have a bunch of cool photos of today, and we did some cool stuff today, and I won’t get to most of it until tomorrow…

We have a lot to do.


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