That crazy Christmas dinner… that we do twice… part 2…

a 1

The flaming plum pudding, a staple of our fancy English Christmas double-dinners. I won’t tell you about plum pudding again. I do every year. Search back for it, or Google it. But it is hard to take a picture of a burning dessert in a dark room. You can’t use the flash or it drowns out the flames. But the shutter stays open for a long time, and any movement of the camera makes the photo blurry. This is one of my better photos of plum pudding.

a 2

Our second Christmas dinner was as good as the first one.

a 3

We had the same pan-roasted potatoes as the night before.

a 4

We had the peas, and the small Yorkshire puddings.

a 5

And, of course, the roast beef.

a 6

The biggest difference is that on Christmas night, I got a green paper crown in my ‘cracker’, and on the second night, I got a purple one.

a 7

And now, a few random photos of my little cousins.

a 8

I might stop at their house in Santa Cruz on my way home to San Diego, to babysit the two boys, so their mom and dad can go out on a New Year’s Eve date.

a 9

Unless I get sick. I might be getting sick. About one third of the people here are sick, have been sick, or are getting sick. That is the downside of having 15 or more people living in one house for a few days.

a 10

But hey, traditions…


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2 Responses to That crazy Christmas dinner… that we do twice… part 2…

  1. I think you may have a more than a few crackers in your head, Art, so don’t try to add anymore. 🙂

    What great family traditions! All of that looks incredibly colorful and festive! I certainly hope the younger folks in your massive clan continue with such gatherings, long after you older folks have passed. Some things are just too beautiful and genuine to cede to lost memories.

    Thanks for sharing these photos, brother!

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