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Faces in the darkness… part 3…

Uh oh, I guess maybe burning trees aren’t as funny as I first thought. But here is the original mirror image I made…

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Another big fire in San Diego, and… wait… I know those horses!!!

I was watching the news last night as another big fire rips through San Diego County. This one is not too close to my house, but it is burning towards my wife’s Aunt and Uncle’s house up in Fallbrook. Yes, … Continue reading

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What happens when you take a photo of tRump and work some magic on it… part 5…

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Water and fire…

I already explained the backstory to these photos in the previous post. So let’s just enjoy the pictures. Even the one that came out shaky, because it is still sort of cool.   But I promised you fire and water, … Continue reading

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A fire very close to my heart… the very last post about my recent adventures in the Bay Area…

No, that isn’t just another photo taken from the hills above Berkeley, where I often drive to take photos of the sunset and San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge over across the bay. Look in the foreground. At the … Continue reading

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Upon reflection… (because ‘wet dreams’ would just be tacky) part 25 …

I think I am going to start incorporating more of my own photos and funny Photoshop stuff in this series… but remember, I am still looking for suggestions of stuff that would look cool reflected in the water.

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We had a plum pudding… and it isn’t even Christmas yet!

Oh, yeah! Plum pudding! And yes, it is supposed to be on fire. Plum pudding is a traditional English Christmas treat… My family has them every Christmas, and my wife is now the official plum pudding,,, which has no plums … Continue reading

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