Catching up with my life…

Sometimes I get so caught up in whatever weird photography/digital art things I am posting about, I forget to post about how weird my life is.

a 1

I finished a new tiki.

a 2

It isn’t the most exciting one I ever made. I just wanted to try one that was all straight lines.

a 3

I pulled another batch of dirt out of my compost bin.

a 4

It is dark and rich, the color of dark roast coffee. It smells like life. I make dirt as good as mother nature does.

a 5

I took a knife-skills class, to hone my vegetable chopping skills. Ha, see what I did there?

a 6

I am now a vegetable slicing ninja!

a 7

It was fun.

a 8

My dogs are still practicing being cute.

a 9

This one is getting pretty good at it.

a 10

I saw a red tail hawk.

a 11

I went back out to the pottery studio where my daughter and I took a lesson. I had to glaze my bowls.

a 12

Hmmmm… what colors should I use.

a 13

The one on the bottom is one the glazes. The other two are my bowls. l know, they look like something a child made in art class. But wait until the glaze is baked in the kiln. Supposedly, depending on how you layer it, you get different effects. Those are not the colors that will appear when they are fired. But I did patterns as under layers. I did a black wave pattern at the bottom of the outside of one bowl. Then I did blue over it, thinner at the bottom and thicker at the top. If I did it right, the waves will show through the blue glaze. I will share some pictures after they are finished.


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10 Responses to Catching up with my life…

  1. Julie says:

    Omg. I miss you!

  2. List of X says:

    Yeah, sure, attack and slice up the defenceless vegetables.
    They make take their revenge on you in a few hours.

  3. Yes, you lead an amazingly creative and colorful life, Art. I still envy you with your glass and pottery works. I know that costs time and money, but it’s still very impressive.

    (By the way, dogs and birds are always cute – no matter how mean they look on the outside.)

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