Saving Christmas; part 1…

Well, I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area again, and there is a long story behind this trip.

But the main point of this adventure is to save Christmas for my family. We haven’t had Christmas yet. Our daughters were in other states, and I was working on Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve. My wife was sitting alone at home.

But now we are all at my 97-year-old mom’s house, the house where I grew up, the house where we always gather for Christmas. So there will be pictures of flowers… with my fake, spray-on dew from a mister bottle…

And there will be pictures of birds…

And there will be pictures of other things, although we are really pretty much in quarantine lockdown. In fact, we all stayed locked down for two weeks before getting tested and cleared before we all set off for the Bay Area. This is a major operation.

We took a walk around the neighborhood, where I took these pictures of Christmas lights with the telephoto lens. I thought the way the lights vanish in the distance would represent this holiday season in a way.

Mollie brought her boyfriend, Ben, on his first visit to the Bay Area. He is from New Mexico, where he and Mollie spent the actual Christmas week.

So it is a little different, but we will try to make this late Christmas as much like a regular Christmas as we can.

And I will try to tell the story as we go.

And I will try to do some entertaining things.

And share a little beauty…

So, see you around, I hope.


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