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Saving Christmas; part 2…

We finally had our Christmas yesterday! Thanks, covid. But I would like to fill you in on what I did to try to save a part of Christmas for my wife, back when the rest of you were having your … Continue reading

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The wedding shower…

Turns out that wedding showers involve drinking… Fancy drinking. Most of these pictures were taken by Mollie, our 17-year-old… because, being a man, I wasn’t allowed to be at the wedding shower. My wife went all out. That is a … Continue reading

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I’m just tryin’ to find the bridge…

Ten points if you got the Led Zeppelin reference in the title… but seriously… my younger daughter, Mollie, made that artistic interpretation of the Golden Gate bridge… When I first took a picture… inside the house… it looked more orange… … Continue reading

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Want to see some photos of a handsome young fireman?

Oh yeah, our godson, Willie, turned 3-years-old. And guess who got him that fireman’s outfit. We drove up North to be there. It was awesome. And this post is the least I can do after posting that naked picture of me … Continue reading

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