Saving Christmas; part 2…

We finally had our Christmas yesterday! Thanks, covid. But I would like to fill you in on what I did to try to save a part of Christmas for my wife, back when the rest of you were having your Christmas. Above, you see part of my ’12 days of Christmas plan” to cheer up my wife when she was at home, I was working, and out daughters were in other states. I had the kids, and the husband and the boyfriend, take photos of themselves in front of the Christmas trees they were near.

I don’t know if you can see them in there, but the original idea was to print the photos, and then curl them up, and shove them inside a little lantern box thing I bought. It has a little batterie operated candle in it. I thought she could look at the kids while she worked. But I then printed them and mounted them on wood, with a nice varnish over them.

So that was another day of gifts.

I also cut a rose out of a skirt that I had made back in my custom t-shirt designing days. I mounted it on some white wood, and added blue and silver glitter before adding the varnish. I call it a snow rose.

Now that is my favorite, in a way. I took a small wooden heart, and used glitter and a gold paint pen to put all our initials on it… wow, you are probably saying… but wait.

I used a Dremel tool to carefully grind down the back until it was thin. A nerve-wracking bit of work, because I couldn’t poke through. Then I filled the hollow with pink paint.

So when you hang it on the tree in front of a light, or in a sunny window, a secret love heart shows through.

But that is as far as I got on the 12 days. I was working, and packing. But now we are all in the Bay Area.

And Mollie and her boyfriend Ben are so in love that it is almost annoying.

They are too adorable together.

Okay, see you soon, I have a lot to post about.


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2 Responses to Saving Christmas; part 2…

  1. All that looks nice! And the “secret heart” is ingenious!

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