Pouring My Art Out presents: In the presence of presents… part 1…

I am ready to begin unveiling the epic saga of my Christmas presents received at that late-Christmas visit to the Bay Area. Those are a set of wood-carving chisels and a special carving hammer I got from my younger daughter Mollie. Now I can work on tikis is style. Just so you know, the chisels set was wrapped, but Mollie does one present every year with a special flair, so she individually wrapped each chisel and put them back in the pouch.

Oh yeah, rubber crab claw hands! They know me so well.

A Go Pro… no way!

That is one of the reasons I am trying to teach myself how to edit videos.

Ooooh… night vision binoculars that take photos and videos. Another reason to hone my video skills.

But why are you showing us a boring photo of your mother’s backyard, I hear you wondering?

You said you were done with photos of your trip to the Bay Area.

Seriously, what are you up to?

And what is going on with that picture of you and your son-in-law Jason?

Who took these photos? Did they climb a tree to get that angle?

This is all so mystifying.

Why yes, yes it is.


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5 Responses to Pouring My Art Out presents: In the presence of presents… part 1…

  1. So Mollie gave you rubber claws and a Go-Pro? Did your other daughters give you a strait jacket and some morphine? Just wondering because morphine remains one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

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