A ‘Saving Christmas’ and ‘saving democracy’ hybrid… the final chapters…

Okay, this is the last post of two separate series. It is also my last day at my mom’s house in the Bay Area. We did it. With much quarantining and covid testing, multiple vehicles and some help from Amazon, we managed to pull off our late Christmas in the Bay Area at my 97-year-old mother’s house.

We also managed to have a great… late… New Year party during the presidential swearing-in, complete with life-sized Uncle Joe, who is now watching over all of us. So we saved Christmas and democracy, at least for our family.

My younger daughter, Mollie, with Uncle Joe.

My older daughter, Jessica, thought up the Joe idea. I had dreams of many photo shoots, with the family and individuals doing funny things and poses with Joe.

I started doing it, but I have been busy.

So I have only managed to get Mollie and my son-in-law, Jason, so far.

The secret is to get Jason when he has had a few beers.

But not too many. Now Jason and Jessica are back in Oregon, where they recently moved from New York City. And I am bring Joe to San Diego, so we may see him again.

Mollie did give Grandma a haircut. For someone studying nursing, she gives a good haircut.

Did my mom fall asleep?

Looking good, Grandma!

Jessica order so many thing on Amazon that one delivery guy let her keep one of the company tote boxes.

Even though I am going back to San Diego tomorrow, this is not the end of the Bay Area photos. I am still doing my ‘light and shadow’ series, and I have some awesome bird pictures. Not the little birds from my mom’s feeder… oh no. And I am learning how to use a new Christmas present I got, and that is going to add a new level to this blog.

So see you around.


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4 Responses to A ‘Saving Christmas’ and ‘saving democracy’ hybrid… the final chapters…

  1. acflory says:

    I am so glad your family made such an effort for your mother. Loneliness and isolation are hard at the best of times but doubly so at Christmas. Seeing how much you all care warmed my heart. May 2021 be kinder to all of us. 🙂

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