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Spot the Doobster… part 1…

Well, I am still pretty excited about having met a fellow blogger in real life while I was up in the Bay Area at Christmas. And I have his little cartoon picture he gave me to cover up his face … Continue reading

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So, we contacted WordPress to tell them about this attempt of ours to break the all-time record for most comments on one post, and this is the reply they sent back to us…

Okay, that isn’t the actual reply, this is the actual reply: ———————————————————- —‘The blogger can follow the instructions in my previous reply to get Freshly Pressed. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.’— ———————————————————— Which feels … Continue reading

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I’m puzzled… (or): Guilt trip, part 1…

I did a really good post yesterday… the one called: Let’s think about stuff, shall we? I know, it was a lot of words. I know, I tried to make you think about stuff. Sorry. And you know what? Not … Continue reading

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How I can turn the brilliant work of an awesome blogger into a shameless self-promotion…

I have this friend who has a blog. He is on a level that I can only hope to reach one day. He did a post this morning, a post about writing. And as I have a habit of doing … Continue reading

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Hot water… I’m soaking in it…

Well, I managed to get myself out of trouble with the WordPress robot overlords for the fake spam gag. So obviously that means it is time to stir up some more trouble. No… not with the delightful people who run … Continue reading

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I am a blogger…

I suddenly realize that when I say those words, I say them with a sense of pride, a tinge of wonder. I say them with a tone that I might use if I could announce to someone that I was … Continue reading

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I write a love poem to WordPress, and this is how they thank me???

Now my little comment button… the one up there on the right at the top that is shaped like a little word bubble from a comic book… isn’t working. I click on it, and the empty drop-down box just sits … Continue reading

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An ode to WordPress…

A poem for WordPress, entitled; Freshly Pressed! ————————— Freshly Pressed, Freshly Pressed Put my blogging to the test Just let me do what I do best Not that you need to be second-guessed Freshly Pressed, Freshly Pressed My ego needs … Continue reading

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I have a new twitter account…

I just started it, but so far I have tweeted to: Barack Obama. Ellen DeGeneres. Ashton Kutcher. Conan… (not the barbarian one, the comedian)… and Ed Hotspur, a crazy cool blogger I know, as well as GingerSnaap, who is a … Continue reading

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