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Yes, now you can rent crack squirrels and have them move into your head and be more like me!!!

An audio of an advertisement from my podcast.

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A silly advertisement from my podcast, about a way to ease the burden of living under the tRump administration…

And I threw in the entire jingle, as sung by me and Jimmy… the crack squirrel that lives in my head.

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Another funny advertisement audio clip from my podcast, this one for a new political party!

I will even throw in the background music, sung by me and Jimmy the cack squirrel, who lives inside my head…

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What is going on with that crazy new podcast you started Arthur, I can hear you all asking?

Well I am glad you asked. Me and Jimmy the crack squirrel interviewed another famous artist… I tried to disguise the fact that I was going to read some of my poems… But then I came clean on the second … Continue reading

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I know, but have you checked out my podcast yet?

Seriously, it is hilarious. I have 10 episodes now. They aren’t too long, about 15 minutes or so. Available… for free… on Apple Music and Spotify. Because you know you want to hear a talking crack squirrel.

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Why you should really listen to my podcast…

I now have 4 episodes of the podcast on air, and if you think this blog is a freak show, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve heard the podcast. Yeah, I talk about art, and about myself, but there is … Continue reading

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I have a podcast… live on Spotify!!!

I did it, with a little tech support and a Christmas microphone from my kids. Now you can hear me acting like an idiot instead of just reading about it.

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Sorry, new people, but this ain’t no travel blog… part 2…

This is where the crack squirrels that live inside my head come to play, hopefully keeping them too busy to chew on the wires up there.

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What if… part 1…

What if giraffes didn’t have long necks? I mean, they didn’t always have long necks. That is just the way evolution works… uh, sorry, religious fanatics. This idea, like most of my ideas, came about thanks to the crack squirrels … Continue reading

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We now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast… of whatever the crack squirrels living in my head tell me to do…

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