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My life recently, according to my phone… part 7… 

While you might have been digging out of a blizzard, I saw some sea mammals and seagulls. Yeah, there were some more sunsets. And I saw some weirdly-smooth clouds. But you are probably ore interested in the sea stuff, so… … Continue reading

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Just a beach…

Just a beach, in Southern California. Backlit waves curling in the sun. The Pacific Ocean, looking both warm and inviting, and yet still awesomely powerful. Foam glistening and writing in the light. A setting as calm as a formal garden, … Continue reading

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Catching the perfect wave…

While we were in the San Francisco By Area, saving Christmas and visiting my 97-year-old mother, and we were on that day trip to a beach very near the Golden Gate Bridge… I mean very near… I started a new … Continue reading

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So, I went down to the beach and saw the bio-luminescent waves…

I know, the phone video doesn’t even come close to the magic of lit-up rolling electric-blue waves.

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More fun with the artwork from my children’s books… part 4… wait… what the heck is that???

Well, that right there is what happens when you digitally combine the back cover of my children’s book; The Lonely Little Wizard, with a famous Japanese painting of a wave… I know, right?

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… and don’t follow the herd…

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Making art of Art… part 13… or maybe part 12-b… who knows anymore?

See, I am in there. I took that old drawing I did of an old photo of me, and using an app, I combined myself with a Japanese wave painting. Now I am some sort of mutant water buffalo god. … Continue reading

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Eyes… part 22…

Oh yeah… an eyeball… combined with a Japanese painting of waves…

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