So what is the secret to timing a trip on the Bahia Belle, a Mississippi paddlewheel-style boat that cruises around Mission Bay in San Diego? Hitting the sunset, that’s what.

That is the Bahia Belle after we debarked.

But we did time the sunset part just right.

For San Diego, this isn’t a very impressive sunset.

But I was drinking rum-and-cokes, so I didn’t worry about it.

It is still a fun and inexpensive way to spend a little time.

And as you know, I love boats.

Also, when you hit the timing just right, you return to the Catamaran Hotel as the sun is sinking, and the luau festivities are just starting.

Yes, you can spend a crap-ton of money and actually sit down at the show and have food and drinks. But you can watch it for free from the sidewalk.

Google the Bahia Belle next time you are in town.


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