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Faulty white people perception… (or); Black coffees matter…

Now, don’t get mad until you read the whole thing! I am in no way trivializing the cause of ‘Black Lives Matter’! I am a huge supporter of that. I just couldn’t help noticing that there was a small segment … Continue reading

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I fixed that tiki that made me feel like a racist… even though we all know I’m not one… right???

Here is what it looks like now. You might remember the post I did with a photo of the way it used to look… Once again, let me remind you that when I first used that wood stain/varnish, it was … Continue reading

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Hey racists, real heroes don’t stop and ask if they should rescue people of other races…

They just do it. That’s why we call them heroes.

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My DNA results are in… it turns out I am from a long line of white people… go figure…

As an adopted person, I have always been curious about my DNA. I am six feet four inches tall and have size 15 feet. Was I small for my family, or some sort of giant, mutant freak? I am all-art-side-of-the-brain. … Continue reading

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Is being a dick a learned behavior, or are some people just born that way?

  I wanted to take a break from following our screwed-up political crapfest, and for some reason I thought it would ease my worried mind to look around the world and see how the rest of it was doing. I … Continue reading

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Dear racists, suck on this!!!

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Why is it that white supremacists are always the worst examples of the white race?

Is it that, on some deep, instinctual level, they understand that they are the shallow end of their own gene pool, and they therefore need to convince themselves that all white people must be better than all other people, because … Continue reading

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