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So, this happened at work…

Glad I am the security guard and not the plumber.

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Eat shit and die… (or);Happy Valentines Day!!!

One thing my wife got me for Valentines Day is this little plastic toilet filled with sour, purple candy. To eat it, you lick one of those two little plungers, and then plunge them into the candy dust. Then, you … Continue reading

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My toilet bowl now changes color… best Christmas gift ever!

Although I will admit that the first night, I forgot it was there, and when the light automatically came on, I thought I was having some kind of flashback… and that my pee was glowing green like nuclear fallout. But, … Continue reading

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The lost photos… part 3…

Okay, I see why this picture got lost. Also, it is a good example of why going shopping with me can be amusing and embarrassing. I am still posting some random photos of me that I found hiding in obscure … Continue reading

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Even more stuff I have learned from staying alive longer than I ever expected to… part 1…

Guys, multitasking is all well and good, but never try to save time by brushing your teeth while you take a leak… unless you have an extra toothbrush laying around… just sayin’…

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Another early post… because recycling is good for the planet…

This one was called: Random things you should know… ****************************** First of all, as a speaker of the English language, which I assume you are if you are reading this blog, you ought to be aware of one basic bit … Continue reading

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I promised you a projectile vomiting alien, and I am a man of my word…

(Or); Where are we in that crazy sci-fi novel of mine?… Congrats! If you are one of my loyal readers, you are one-quarter of the way through my book. And I want to thank both of you…uh… I mean ALL … Continue reading

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