A rainbow and an awesome sunset happening at the same time, so why am I so upset???

a 1

So, I was at work the other day, and this rainbow was happening. And just behind me, simultaneously, this was happening…

a 2

So why am I mad? Well, let me tell you.

a 3

Twenty or so minutes before I got these shots, I had set my phone up to record the whole sunset on the time lapse setting. You know, where it takes a photo every few seconds. The sunset was magical.

a 4

These are just the tail end of it.

a 5

I took an early lunch just to film it.

a 6

And then sat there, thinking I was filming it, but I had missed the button. My phone wasn’t doing anything.

a 7

It would have been so good that, as I sat there, grinning with anticipation, I was considering upgrading the blog so I could actually share videos.

I might do that anyway.


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2 Responses to A rainbow and an awesome sunset happening at the same time, so why am I so upset???

  1. I believe you still got some great shots, Art. In fact, they’re pretty good for a camera phone. I would try to use a digital camera next time. I only say that because my phone doesn’t take great photos. But those you managed to get still came out very nice and colorful.

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