Let’s give white supremacists their ‘white homeland’… wait, follow along with me on this…

They just want a homeland where everybody looks like them. I think this is fair. The problem, as I see it, is that they actually believe that they can somehow get the entire United States to be white only. This is just absurd.

So, here is my plan. We give them what they want… sort of. We take the ‘whitest’ state in the country, build a wall around the worst part of it, and all the white people who want to be surrounded by only white people can move in. Trust me, nobody of any other race will come knocking on your gate.

You can call this your homeland. Or, we could call in a concentration camp for idiots. It amounts to the same thing. Think of it as a reservation for people with reservations about other races.

You can open up businesses, you can open banks and print your own money. And you can make and grow your own food. Here is the thing… (there is always a thing)… I bet you will find that a small percentage of you, the one percent, let’s call it, will do really well. The ones who own the farms and the stores and the banks. The rest of you will end up doing jobs that you hate, or not doing any job. And the truly ironic part is that you won’t be able to blame another race for keeping you down and taking your jobs. You will have to face the reality that it is you who is at fault for most of your problems, and nobody is going to come along and fix them for you. No moron in a magic red hat is going to come sweeping in and get you a better job or health care or education for your kids. No agency will make sure you have clean water or decent food to eat. You will have to spend time after your crappy work day to fix potholes in the roads and put up stop signs.

And I wonder how that meal tastes when you had to work in a field all day, in the hot sun, to pick the ingredients for low wages.

Let me know how that all works out for you. I could be wrong.

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14 Responses to Let’s give white supremacists their ‘white homeland’… wait, follow along with me on this…

  1. I’m pretty certain that any person of any race might sometime do something racist. Racism is about behaviour. https://wp.me/p51f0Y-96

  2. List of X says:

    I think it would be a good idea, get rid of the white supremacists and spare them the indignity of living with blacks and Mexicans in the same country. One problem with it would be that this whites-only country wouldn’t stop blaming minorities just because they are across the border. They’ll continue blaming them for anything that goes wrong – people who think, for example, that it’s gays’ fault that God sends hurricanes and tornadoes, wouldn’t find it hard to believe that that Mexicans sneak across the new border to make potholes in the highways and then sneak right back out, and black people do voodoo magic to make white people fall sick.
    And there are always white people and white but not quite white people like Jews, Eastern Europeans, Italians, and so on, who can get blamed, too.

  3. I had the idea while living in Australia that Australia would be the perfect place to send all white supremacist leaning Americans. They have a lot of land down there. It’s far away from everything. And they dislike immigrants so much, they imprisoned them on two islands (Google Nauru & Manus for context). Australians did not take kindly to my idea. Thus, I’ve moved back to the US which just strengthens my point, really.

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