Trump’s support of racism leads to death near my home…


The rhetoric of hate and Nationalism. It is real. There was a mass shooting yesterday at a synagogue near where I live in San Diego in Southern California. I have been to that building. I have been in that building. My daughter went to high school with the shooter. He used to wear a MAGA hat to class. She didn’t like him.

This isn’t random violence. This isn’t someone who snapped. This was a kid indoctrinated in hate. Maybe some of that hate was picked up at home. Maybe he met some racist asshats somewhere, and got sucked deeper into the hate.

But that hate was supported by Trump. That hate was whipped up by Trump. And this isn’t some twisted form of delusional revenge against Muslims because he thought they were going to kill us all. This wasn’t directed at Latin Americans because he thought they were coming to steal his job. This was pure, unadulterated murder of people of the Jewish faith, for nothing but hate. This is right out of Nazi Germany.

No, Trump never killed anyone of the Jewish faith, Neither did Hitler. At first, he just suggested it, hinted at the need to do it. It wasn’t until Hitler took full control of the apparatus of the State that he could order killings.

Let’s not let Trump reach that point.

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2 Responses to Trump’s support of racism leads to death near my home…

  1. List of X says:

    A guy I’m friends with on Facebook, immediately after the news of the shooting broke, started ranting how the liberals and Muslims are murdering Jews (he’s Jewish). When it’s started coming out that the guy was white and a right-winger, he switched to the idea that liberals and Muslims paid someone off to pretend to be a right-winger and then kill Jews.
    But just as with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, it turned out to be a right winger, so I think the guy took the post down to not look like an idiot (and he’s positioning himself as an intellectual, so he can’t afford looking like an idiot) – or maybe he added an apology before taking the post down, I don’t know – but I don’t think so.
    But I’m sure of two things: first, had my friend met that shooter a day before the shooting, he’d probably praise a tomorrow’s murderer as today’s true American patriot. They’d probably have a lot in common.
    But second, when that shooter comes up to a synagogue with a gun, he wouldn’t care if the Jews there hated Trump or adored him.

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