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Trump’s support of racism leads to death near my home…

The rhetoric of hate and Nationalism. It is real. There was a mass shooting yesterday at a synagogue near where I live in San Diego in Southern California. I have been to that building. I have been in that building. … Continue reading

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We should round up all the people who want to pass anti-gun legislation… and shoot them…

No… not really… I haven’t suddenly decided to run for office as the head of the NRA… this is just another of my silly examples of why we really need a sarcasm font…

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We interrupt the game we are playing where you all try to come up with the cleverest names for various pieces of art I did that have me in them, so that I can attempt to explain why my being interested in military history is a much less troubling indication of the state of my mental health than is the fact that I have done so many pieces of art with me in them… or something…

Fortunately, I already did a post that explains it all.. that I posted the first time I posted all these pictures of me involving military history… so… here it is… It was called; Don’t worry about it… ———————————————- By now you … Continue reading

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Here is another one of my crazy ideas: If you are going to kill someone, can you at least come up with a good reason?

I don’t mean to nitpick… but it just seems like people kill other people too easily these days. I mean, I can see how killing another human being might be necessary. I can see how it might come up. I … Continue reading

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I just had a scary thought… what if war is actually part of nature’s plan for the human race?

Hey… simmer down… don’t get mad at me yet… This idea just popped into my crack squirrel-infested cranium and I haven’t had time to think about it yet. See, this is what the crack squirrels do. They come up with these … Continue reading

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What? Another old, recycled post? Why???

Because… because because because because… because of the wonderful things I does… And because this followed the other two old posts I just reposted, and I thought people might have been nervous about my mental health. —————————————- By now you … Continue reading

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Unnamed story… Chapter One

Thumper Written by Arthur Browne Artwork by Jason Boninger It’s dark, but I expected that. It is always dark before they open their eyes. I can feel cold metal under his back, and it is vibrating. I hear a familiar, … Continue reading

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Something new… and a warning…

***WARNING***   ***Kids keep out*** Over the next week I am going to be posting something that is not at all like the things you are used to seeing here. I am posting a short story… well, it is a long … Continue reading

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When is it okay to be glad that somebody is dead???

I know… not exactly an inspirational title to run across on the humor topic wall… but I tag everything as humor, and I might just be able to make this funny… we will just have to see. But I do … Continue reading

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Awww crap… there is a heavily-armed, ex-police, sharp-shooting maniac who has already killed at least three people running around the city I live in…

I hate it when that happens. One of my in-laws is working at a place that has been on lockdown because the guy was spotted there… maybe…. I wish outlaws would stay away from my in-laws.

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