Why yes, that is a little pillow with my head on it… oh, yeah! (Or): What I got for Christmas!!!


My older daughter, Jessica, made it for me. It took a long time. Also, because she had to use some computer magic to order the thread to do the hand-stitching, she now knows, scientifically, exactly how grey my hair is… sigh…


Some of you are thinking; why do you want a pillow with your face on it? You are obviously new around here. I am the guy who is carving a tiki that looks exactly like my gravatar image… nobody loves my face like I do.

Others among you are saying to yourselves; hey, that picture looks familiar. That is because she used this image…


Yes, it is the picture from my awesome business card. It is also a photo of me that was taken on Maui, where my wife and I went for our second honeymoon, and I blogged all about it.


I got lots of other cool stuff too. A Donald Trump paper doll book that makes fun of him! No way. We will have fun with that when I get back to San Diego. I might make some ‘special’ outfits for him. It will be a nice change from all the Photoshop pics I do making fun of him. And I got a new power tool… to help me make tikis faster… and speaking of tikis…


The two tikis I gave my mom a long time ago are wearing their Christmas finery!


I love the idea of incorporating pagan bits into a religious festival that is already a mishmash of Christian and pagan rituals. Anyway, I got other cool stuff too, and it was an awesome Christmas, and there are lot more adventures coming… but really… how do you top this?



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13 Responses to Why yes, that is a little pillow with my head on it… oh, yeah! (Or): What I got for Christmas!!!

  1. Al says:

    Awesome bunch of toys you got

  2. chris jensen says:

    Luck you, all i got were some rocks from the alley!


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