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If you are sick of all my sunset photos… it’s okay… these are sunrises…

  Just some random photos of two separate sunrises, that I took while doing the long drive through California’s Central Valley. I have done that drive four times in the last two weeks or so. Advertisements

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Another sunrise, another funeral…

Yup, I am back at my mom’s house in the Bay Area, and yup, it is because another human being has passed away. This time, it was the mom of one of my two best friends, one of the two … Continue reading

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Okay, is that high fog or low clouds???

Well, I am back visiting my mom in the Bay Area again, and I did my ‘getting up insanely early to miss the Los Angeles and Bay Area traffic thing’ again. I just have a few pictures I took, as … Continue reading

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No, that isn’t a sunset, that is a sunrise, I said I was done with sunsets…

I took these in the Central Valley of California on my way back to San Diego from the Bay Area. I had already been driving for nearly three hours before the sun came up. I even pulled over at a … Continue reading

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Some bad pictures of a good sunrise, that I took with my bad camera, in a bad way, and for a bad reason that has some good aspects to it…

Okay, so I left San Diego at 3:30 this morning, to beat the traffic in LA, and to maybe catch a sunrise for you… because I know you hate to get up that early. Yes, I took these while I … Continue reading

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Arthur went on a cool road trip, and all we got are these stupid photos of sunrises and desert flowers!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I got up super early for the drive back to San Diego from Arizona, so I could see the sun coming up over the desert, and take some pictures for you. I love driving parallel to … Continue reading

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More desert flowers, a sunrise, and something else…

Just a few more photos of some of the flowers I saw in the Arizona desert. That one has attracted some small insects. If you are going to the desert, winter or spring is a good time to do it. … Continue reading

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