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Messing with art and history; a ‘spot what’s wrong with this picture’ game… part 1…

I know, we did this already, a long time ago. That is why the first few posts in this series contain the ones I did before. But then, I am upping my game… I am pulling out all the stops… … Continue reading

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Celebrity spotting at Comic Con… part 4… Yeah, Steven Spielberg waved at me…

By this time, I had perfected my ‘slipping around the back, and squeezing my way into the front rows of the crowd’ scheme. As this series of pictures show, I got some good shots as I shuffled slowly by. I … Continue reading

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Oh, and you still have a chance to make up the name of a character in my new novel and be famous… when they make it into a movie someday…

Once again, I do not have any problems making up names for characters… I write action/humor science fiction too, and coming up with names for hundreds of aliens is a bit of a challenge… but me and my crack squirrel-infested … Continue reading

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I am going to ride this crack squirrel right to Famous Author Town!!!

Okay… obviously, this is just a metaphor… I mean, in the first place, the crack squirrels aren’t that big… and there is more than one of them… a lot more… and they live in my head most of the time, helping … Continue reading

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I am going to quit pretending I am ever going to be a famous writer, and start asking: “Do you want fries with that?”

I am, I have to say, crushed… filled with self-doubt… and also with an anger that I don’t know whether to aim at myself or in a more outward direction. You know the post I did the other day, the one where … Continue reading

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A story… about a guy… with some pictures thrown in…

Once there was a guy who had a dream, a dream of conquering the world… with nothing more dangerous than a silly blog… He was sure that people would follow him… But he began to have doubts. What if his head was … Continue reading

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Name that piece of Art… part 79…

Well, I am still going through all my old posts looking for any piece of art that has a piece of Art… me… in it, you know, so you can impress us all by thinking up clever titles for them, … Continue reading

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