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Almost tv shows… part 6…

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Billie Eyelash…

Okay… sorry about that…

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Messing with art and history; a ‘spot what’s wrong with this picture’ game… part 1…

I know, we did this already, a long time ago. That is why the first few posts in this series contain the ones I did before. But then, I am upping my game… I am pulling out all the stops… … Continue reading

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Celebrity spotting at Comic Con… part 4… Yeah, Steven Spielberg waved at me…

By this time, I had perfected my ‘slipping around the back, and squeezing my way into the front rows of the crowd’ scheme. As this series of pictures show, I got some good shots as I shuffled slowly by. I … Continue reading

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Oh, and you still have a chance to make up the name of a character in my new novel and be famous… when they make it into a movie someday…

Once again, I do not have any problems making up names for characters… I write action/humor science fiction too, and coming up with names for hundreds of aliens is a bit of a challenge… but me and my crack squirrel-infested … Continue reading

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I am going to ride this crack squirrel right to Famous Author Town!!!

Okay… obviously, this is just a metaphor… I mean, in the first place, the crack squirrels aren’t that big… and there is more than one of them… a lot more… and they live in my head most of the time, helping … Continue reading

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I am going to quit pretending I am ever going to be a famous writer, and start asking: “Do you want fries with that?”

I am, I have to say, crushed… filled with self-doubt… and also with an anger that I don’t know whether to aim at myself or in a more outward direction. You know the post I did the other day, the one where … Continue reading

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A story… about a guy… with some pictures thrown in…

Once there was a guy who had a dream, a dream of conquering the world… with nothing more dangerous than a silly blog… He was sure that people would follow him… But he began to have doubts. What if his head was … Continue reading

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Name that piece of Art… part 79…

Well, I am still going through all my old posts looking for any piece of art that has a piece of Art… me… in it, you know, so you can impress us all by thinking up clever titles for them, … Continue reading

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Name that Art… winners… part 7…

Here are some more of my top picks for our ongoing contest where you have to come up with clever names for art with Art… (me)… in them… AKA; the ‘Name that piece of Art’ series… I mean, if you want … Continue reading

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