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The princess and the pee… (or); To pee or not to pee, that is the question…

I don’t know who pulled this Disney beach towel, left over from when the girls were younger, out of the closet, and I don’t know who folded the towel like this, but I do know one thing. I can’t pee … Continue reading

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What’s been happening on my podcast…

I did a murder mystery, done as an old-timey radio show in soap opera style, with the voices of many famous movie characters. I did an episode where our intrepid contact deep within the shallow-state tRump White House exposed some … Continue reading

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A message from a secret source: The truth about tRump, the shallow state, and eating babies while swimming in pools of pee…

Secret documents have been leaked- no pun intended- that prove that Donald tRump is the leader of a powerful cabal of rich asshats who gather together in secret underground lairs located beneath Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises in order to eat … Continue reading

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A riddle: What’s yellow and smells like vodka?

See, it’s funny because it looks just like Russian hooker urine… or so I hope.

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Where I stand on who gets to stand… or sit… where when they need to pee…

Yes, I am taking a stand on peeing! I suppose I am also taking a seat on where people should be able to poop, too,¬†and let’s face it, what this country needs is that one, brave, transgendered person living in … Continue reading

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